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Sponsorship update

So it’s been a while since I have written. My journey to full recovery still continues, but at a slightly faster pace now which is exciting indeed. Gone are the days where I could only ‘manage’ one 40-60min light session, instead this is replaced with some 3-4 hour indoor rides, 2 hour xtrainer sessions, killer pyramid swim sessions, lots of S & C and I’m currently upto 35mins of running. So this = a happy Nikki. This journey has been long, tough mentally and I’m glad to be nearly there (9 months later). So I can turn the 3-4 hour indoor bikes to 5-6 outdoors, the xtrainer sessions into 2 hour runs in the beautiful countryside with the dog, and to get some racing in. Some ask how I get through my 3-4 hour indoor spin sessions; I can honestly say that I do love them. To be back training again, doing what I do best, it makes me a happy bunny. After all, this is why we train; for the love of it, buzz from sessions, looking forward to training for 5-6 hours the next day. It’s what gets me up in the morning. The dark days through this journey will be all the more worth it when I’m back competing.

Since last writing I am lucky to say that a few sponsors have come on board. Firstly I’m a sweaty betty to say the least. So therefore my fluid intake is very important to decrease the likelihood of dehydration and cramping. Nuun is an electrolyte which increases the amount of water that’s absorbed into the blood stream. I can honestly say that since taking nuun I haven’t had any cramp issues and find my hydration levels kept to what they should be. The flavours are incredible. My favourite flavours are tri berry & lemon and lime. Yum. Who wants to stop training/racing due to cramp!! Check it out

Through my injury I have been using an Alter G machine which is an anti gravity treadmill. This takes the weight off of your feet/reduces the in pact when running. It’s a great rehab machine which has been vital in my rehab programme, along with using a watt bike. When I’m back home in Cheltenham, Dan Fivey has provided sponsorship to allow me to access these great facilities. See more information here

I’m pleased to also announce that I will be part of the Fetish Bike Company team this year. They are providing me with great support and it will be an exciting opportunity to race for them this year. They are a new business set up in Cheltenham, great facilities and equipment. I’m looking forward to looking the part with their stylish and comfortable gear. Have a mooch: http://www.fetishbikecompany.com More to come on this and potentially developing this sponsorship opportunity.

For now I’m enjoying training hard within the limits of my rehab process, sweating it out in the gym, and going to work routine. I will look forward to getting back on my bike and cycling around everywhere, I miss my cycling back home to Cheltenham routine. Driving home just isn’t the same. I miss getting lost and exploring on my bike in the beautiful countryside where I live (Maidenhead/Taplow area). I’m in the process of getting my website upto scratch too. Early days but it’s in the making all the same: http://www.nikkibartlett.org.uk/ .

The dark places through rehab are getting brighter and i'm looking forward to the future. Big plans. I’m gutted to most probably having to pull out of Reading half marathon and London marathon in the Championship section. My sub 3 hour marathon will have to be put on hold for a bit. I have just entered the Cotswold 113 Half Ironman in June. Many more races to be lined up and hopefully be on the start line of the World Champs this year rather than declining my invitation and being stuck still (I don’t do sitting still!) with crutches in my hand. Never give up on your dream, don’t let obstacles stop you, let them be your motivation. Believe and the victory will be all that bit sweeter.

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