• Nikki Bartlett

So its been a while.....

So I have been a bit slack on the old blogging front. I have just changed my blog format more into a 'website' version. Took a while, for me, no knowledge on the tech front. Thought I would take this opportunity to update a bit. So, Im now settled back into Birmingham life, and proud to be an Alumni Sports Scholar at the University. Great facilities to train with and great to work with the high performance department. Having done much physiology testing recently, I know where I am and what I need to work on. Great platform to work on and with and looking forward to 2013. My race season is still being mapped out, so a race schedule will be put up soon. Many of which im looking forward to, doing a few sportives with Fetish Bike Co, wiggle and Great Weston ride before the tri season really kicks off. Really looking forward to my first full year as a triathlete, racing in Europe and hopefully in Las Vegas. Definately building more of a love relationship in the pool, had my biggest ever set this week, 5k including 40x100m, yes might be a standard session, but for me, big gains and improvements! Having had some tough turbo sessions with all the bad weather, looking forward to sportives coming up and getting out on the roads, around the SRM killer sessions which have ventured onto my programme. Proud to be selected onto team 9bar, their bars are delicious and have so many key nutrients which release such a natural energy and are key around my training at the moment, check them out. I have also had some testing with myh2pro. Check them out on here: http://www.myh2pro.com/. Now know my exact sweat rate, sodium loss and understand the exact amount of electrolytes to replace and use in certain humidity conditions. A new company into the market but the knowledge and science around their product is fantastic. Alongside this I have had different testing in the Gatorade labs looking into body composition, fat oxidation and key tests to indicate where I am at present and great information to take away into racing and training year. Collectively, 2013 will be a great year, supported by the best. More continuous testing with Alex in the high performance labs at the University to monitor progression, training programme and continuously looking for improvements and areas to work on. The University have just got a new Alter G machine in the labs, im sure i will be on that for some speed work, or pre-hab work alongside treadmill, trail and road running sessions to do some reduced impact work, with getting the same physiology gains from the session. Nearly there on finding a job here, then I'm all settled for the foreseable future :-).

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