• Nikki Bartlett

9bar cycle ride with Ed Clancy, Olympic Gold medalist

9bar over the past few weeks have been promoting a competition to win a ride with Ed Clancy, two time Olympic Gold medallist, Bronze medallist and 5 times World Champion. Just a tad on the inspiring and legend status there! Friend, Adam Powell, won one of the slots to ride, alongside a few other winners, and invited me as his plus one. Thanks Adam & team 9bar :-)!

The ride was in the beautiful settings of the Peak District. The views were just outstanding, ones which a picture cannot fully capture. Cycling especially, or fell/trail running for the other 9bar nutters ;-), provides so many opportunities to see sights, countryside and places you wouldn't see otherwise. Driving through places like this just isn't the same. So I feel very privileged to be able to see places like this. So, today was a beautiful day, ignoring the serious rain down poor which was so heavy, it actually hurt my bare arms! I was lucky enough to ride on a lovely Matrix road bike for the day, which was lovely jubbly and a privilege to ride on compared to my £200 ebay bike I bought nearly 5 years ago, which is slowly falling apart and has a constant squeaky sound to it. So thanks Owen for lending me such a beautiful piece of kit. The people which came together for the ride today, were all lovely and great to meet so many nice people, and catch up with friends whilst cycling up and down hills for a few hours. I could truly get lost here for hours and hours without realising the time passing. I will certainly be back for more cycling here. That's what sport is all about, meeting new people, sharing the same passion. To be surrounded with like minded people, no matter what their goals and ambitions are, they are all unique and special. All whilst seeing such stunning parts of the country. A BIG BIG thank you to 9bar and Ed for a great day out. Keep updated with 9bar competitions, got to be in it to win it after all :-). Now for a weeks worth of training, before tackling the Henley to Marlow bridge to bridge 14k swim next weekend with Helen and Cath. The aim is to complete and have fun in my new lovely Aqua Sphere wetsuit. Hope you have all had a great weekend, catch you soon x

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