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Scottish Duathlon Championships

I've raced a few Scottish Tri races now, and they never disappoint. The Scottish Duathlon Champs, hosted by Stirling Triathlon Club, is literally on the doorstep at Stirling University. The course is brutal. The 10k run consists of grass, one killer hill which is an absolute leg zapper. Of which you go straight into some form of mud slide afterwards. It's a 2.5k loop x 4. The bike is 42k which is chilly and windy, but a great course for non-closed roads. I think I only had to slow once or twice and unclip once. Then you're back onto the 2.5k run loop x 2 to make 5k.

Race tactics - Stay within 30 secs off the lead female pace on the first 10k run, bike actually using my FTP test numbers, on to the road. I was excited to test out my new sponsored bike (Specialized Shiv) from Leisure Lakes Cheltenham. I had ridden it once, for an hour before the race, so I was looking forward to some more bonding time! Then the plan was to create a lead off the bike, and hold on for the last 5k run.

My race went a little like this...

-Started the run, completely forgetting how hard the run course is. Panting like a loony to stick within distance of lead female. Tick as I came into T1.

-Lost my bike in T1. Numpty. Went to the wrong rack, and wrong bike. Ducked under to find my bike. Asked to duck back under and run around. Found my bike.

-Now over a minute down on Alice.

-Biked like a nutter. Loving life.

-Into T2 with a 2.5min lead. Job done. Now hold the lead.

-Female Scottish Duathlon Champion (full results here).

-Celebrated with my family (Dad, Mum, Brother and Abi) who came up to show their support. Bex (congrats for 3rd place in the Sprint), her parents, and the mad dogs, and Kirsty who just had to try out the killer race.

A massive well done to everyone who raced, and thanks to Stirling Tri Club and Triathlon Scotland for such a fab day. The volunteers on the course/behind the scenes were amazing, so thank you.


The race was the confidence booster I needed. Rob (coach), has been working me hard in training, and progressively installing belief into my racing. I've done a whole crazy two FTP's now, and training and racing is done to feel. So I'm pleased my FTP test numbers are actually starting to show on the road. 2015 was full of disappointment with my bike performances, so hopefully this can be turned around in 2016.

Now its head down into a block of training before the race season kicks off, with IRONMAN Pays d'Aix on the 1st May. Lots to work on between now and then!

A massive thank you to Rob (Cheetham), who's been beasting me, steadily and progressively, in training. My fab sponsors - Financial Fitness (the go-to company for your insurance and if you're self-employed - for your Accounts). 9bar - always munching on these delish bars pre, during and post training. Also a must have in 70.3 races. And Leisure Lakes Bikes Cheltenham - hopefully I can keep transferring bike power in training to racing through 2016.

Thanks for so many kind words pre and post race. Here's to the next one! x

Here's a few race reports if you fancy a read;

1. Tri 247

2. Triathlon Scotland

3. Cup Of Tri podcast

Also for any Elites/Pros looking at prize money in British Triathlon for 2016, Tri 247 have put an excellent piece together here.

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