• Nikki Bartlett

IRONMAN South Africa

Read my race report via TRI247 - https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/elite/nikki-bartlett-south-africa-report

I also wrote 2 x pre race blogs:

Part 1. https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/elite/nikki-bartlett-ironman-south-africa-1

Part 2. https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/elite/nikki-bartlett-ironman-south-africa-2

Here's my South Africa trip in pictures:

Meet Bumpy, literally identical to our little Titchy.

Plettenberg Bay. Gorgeous place to spend our last day in South Africa.

Day after IM. Lets go for a little walk they said. 1hour later on a hilly trail.

Stunning walk around Plett. Wish I could of appreciated it more. Don't recommend this post IM feeling ;). These guys were a huge part of getting me to the start and finish line, thank you!

Sunrise before starters orders!

Jeffrey's Bay. Fab way to spend your day off leading up to the race

Couldn't do this without your support Bex, so lucky to be sharing these memories together.

Not looking too enthused before the race...

'Our last big session before the race' Pah what a comment Susie. .... Finishing a 2.5hour run at the ice cream shop, bliss.

On our way to Gordon's Bay...

Organisers did a fab job ensuring the course was mapped out well ahead of race day

Oh this disc from Rolf Prima is sweeeeeeeet

Practicing race entries! The sea always looks calm, but always comes with swell and chop.

Monkeys were our alarm clock in PE! Arriving nice and early, thank you.

Run kit... A week on, and no blisters, niggles, sore feet. These shoes did me proud. somehow managed to get no chafe too. Quality kit, on point!

Best swim to date. Good time to do it - in my new comfy wetsuit.

Obviously gotta take a selfie pre race.

Nearly at Gordon's Bay. Long ride with looooooong efforts. If you don't stick 15m behind Susie. Your dropped.

Hemel en Aarde = Valley of Heaven and Earth.


Very lucky to have such a fab bike set up, but also an awesome aero and comfy position created by Rob

No idea why I'm mooching behind, but the struggle was real for the last 15ks on the run.

This. Hurt. A lot. Sums up so much emotion. This IM lark, pretty special.

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