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Abbie's Sparkle Foundation

Life is for living, and by writing this post, I hope many of you can be inspired by this touching charity that I’m about to provide a little insight into.

I’m absolutely honoured to be an ambassador for Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation for 2018, and hopefully ongoing into the future.

Abbie Main was just 15 years old when she passed away on Christmas Day, 2017, with a rare form of Sarcoma, which she had been living with for four and a half years. Abbie is Cameron Main’s younger sister, a brave young girl who was and lives on with the angels, as an inspiration to many. Her enthusiasm and ‘sparkle’ in life touched many hearts, and she continued to have a courageous attitude to life after the diagnosis – and sparkled her way through many cheerleading events – and truly lived every moment to the full.

Cameron is on the Scottish National Development Squad, of which my better half, Bex Milnes, is Lead coach of the Performance Centre. Between us, we wanted to help in any way possible in one of Abbie’s wishes – to ‘raise money for hospitals and stuff’ – which has now become a Scottish Charity called ‘Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation’.

The Foundation has been set up to help children ages 0-17 with cancer, an opportunity to explore and find happiness through challenging times, to bring a sparkle to their lives. With the monies raised, the charity will provide gifts / money as a 'sparkle'. So far, with nearly £10,000 raised, one sparkle donation has been made.

This charity touches my heart in many ways. Firstly, many of you reading will know of families, friends, friends of friends who have been sadly affected with cancer. Personally – my family too. It’s inspiring to see how Abbie’s legacy allowed the family to focus and provide a platform of positivity to focus their energy on through such a difficult time.

I’m proud to help support the foundation; to help raise awareness of the charity, provide any prizes for events, get involved in charitable events, and provide a donation.

Abbie didn’t let terminal cancer diagnosis dictate her life, but she showed resilience, passion in everyday life and through cheerleading. She dreamed, she inspired, encouraged and has now left a legacy. Life is for living, and pursuing what makes you happy. Life is a privilege, so it must be maximised and treasured.

So many donations have been made already, nearly £10,000 in just two months. Currently several events are running, such as Inverness Half Marathon, 'Soups and Sweets' stalls, Mad hatters Tea Party's, and Khira is donating her hair.

Thanks for reading, if you would like to find out more information on the charity, head over to their website: https://abbiessparklefoundation.weebly.com


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