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IRONMAN Edinburgh 70.3 and an exciting new move...

Wow what a race, a brutal course surrounded by stunning scenery. When the sun shines it’s hard to beat.

Photo credit: Huw Fairclough: IRONMAN

Taking on IRONMAN Lanzarote (3rd), IRONMAN Staffs 70.3 (2nd) and Edinburgh 70.3 (2nd) in 5 weeks has been an absolute blast. We were a little unsure whether to do Edinburgh, but with the forecast looking ace, and with the show Scotland has put on in previous races I’ve done up here, it was a no brainer to put myself on the start line. I love racing, and I love honest brutal courses, and to top it off – a UK one at that.

The swim is in a cold sea, I needed my booties – not ashamed to admit that!

Possibly falling to sleep pre swim?? Haha! Photo credit: Huw Fairclough, IRONMAN

The bike is tough. In fact, the whole course is up or down, steep kickers, lonely and isolated, even if your next competitor is 20 seconds away, you won't be seeing them in the distance. A course that you really need to see. We rode the course twice missing off the last 10k, and I wish we had seen it - lots of speed bumps, housing estate, think we even had to fly up a curb. A fab bike course.

Photo credit: Huw Fairclough, IRONMAN

(Photo credit: Caroline and Mark Livesey who were amazeballs on the course, thank you!)

The run is brutal, no other word for it. The setting and backdrop of Arthurs Seat is simply breathtaking. Something for everyone - looooooong uphill drags, a tunnel which can only be described as a disco, beautiful scenery, and lovely aid station volunteers. 3 loops, by far the hardest 70.3 run I've done.

Hanging - at the very start of the run! Thanks for these run shots Caroline.

This race has a lot going for Pro Females, there aren’t that many races which gives us a truly honest race. The AGers start 8mins behind which is great, and the prize money (atm) is good. With drafting quite an issue, I now pick and choose races wisely. So if you want an honest race - give this one a shot.

I’m not going to lie, it was a crazy hardcore day out, and I knew a solid bike performance was needed to try and aim for the win. Unfortunately putting in a 7min bike course record wasn’t enough, and Fenella ran away with her first Pro win, so pleased for her. 2nd Place for me, and a massive congrats to everyone who raced!

It was brilliant to test the body, and simply appreciate being able to do what you love in life, that should never be taken for granted, and I will always run down that finish shoot smiling no matter how much pain I’m in. I’m definitely in pieces right now, but it was 110% worth it.

Photo credit: Huw Fairclough, IRONMAN

The new move!

We have some exciting news to share - most will probably know, but Bex has just been appointed the new Lead Centre Coach for the British Para Triathlon Team, so we are in the process of getting our place in Stirling up to rental standards (errr mission!), and moving to Loughborough in about 4-5weeks time.

Triathlon Scotland has developed Bex into an awesome coach. Not only this, they’re a brilliant team not only for the performance side, but as people and the participation side to sport. I hope someone amazing applies for the Lead Coaching role here. A fabulous centre, with some very talented up and coming athletes. We’ve loved exploring and appreciating the scenery that Scotland has on offer for the last 5 years. But we are super excited about this opportunity and move ahead and to settle and live in a new lovely location for many years to come!

I’m having a little rest now, then everything is gearing towards my favorite race I’ve ever done – IRONMAN Wales.

As always a thank you to the volunteers at the race, organisers, crowds, support from everyone. Simply epic, and the people who make the race. When you're that gubbed, support from everyone on the course gets you through, and makes you smile inside and out. So thank you!

As always thanks to the team; sponsors, coach friends and family for unconditional love and support. You're the best.


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(Picture via my Dad, on form with photo and video skills this race)

(Beaming with joy to make it onto the red carpet. Yes i did have a cheeky mooch each lap. Special photo as my parents made a 16.5hour round trip to support, and their smiles in this photo are brilliant!) Photo credit: Huw Fairclough, IRONMAN

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